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”It was more cost effective to build our online expense system ourselves. CCube Solutions was the obvious choice given our supplier invoice system uses its underlying EDMS technology, too.”

Jacques Bruyns - Financial System Reporting Accountant
Centaur Media

CCube Software Suite overview

CCube Solutions’ suite of Electronic Document Management products include the following modules:

All CCube modules integrate seamlessly with each other and can be expanded from entry level to enterprise-wide systems.
 The CCube suite can be configured to meet customers’ specific requirements.

CCube software is built using Microsoft’s .Net Framework and Microsoft ASP.Net, running on any commercially available vendor independent SQL database, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM Informix, Ingress, and Progress.

The SQL database manages metadata associated with all documents stored as well as access rights based on department and user.  This provides a high level of security and control. The system also supports full document lifecycle management which includes retention and disposal, and comprehensive auditing.

Utilising an open, client/server architecture, the CCube suite is

  • Fully customisable
  • Fast to deploy
  • Easy to integrate with any line of business application
  • Scalable
  • Standards-based
  • Feature rich
  • Compliant with current legislation and data protection rules

We support Windows communications technologies to ensure future expansion capability and integration with a variety of document capture methods including barcoding and OCR/ICR to allow forms processing. Additional users, databases, and storage devices can be added at any time to meet growing volume requirements.

In addition, the system architecture enables easy integration with existing line of business desktop and mainframe applications.