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”It was more cost effective to build our online expense system ourselves. CCube Solutions was the obvious choice given our supplier invoice system uses its underlying EDMS technology, too.”

Jacques Bruyns - Financial System Reporting Accountant
Centaur Media

CCube portal & Web API

The CCube Portal is a fully customisable web-based front end that combines business desktop and document management facilities into a single user view. The portal maintains individual user profiles to collate, organise and present relevant information without the user having to switch between applications.

In a nutshell, the portal provides a ‘virtual office’ from which users and business teams can view all the information that is pertinent to them performing their day-to-day job functions.

The CCube Portal brings together users, business processes and systems and combines this with a consistent and standardised range of applications. It indexes and organizes documents, document content, and rationalises security and user information.

The portal provides single sign-on, consistent navigation, and manages pages, user teams/groups and applications. Witten in .Net, the portal provides security management to link the three key user types in any business: employees, customers and suppliers, with integrated access to all of the systems and repositories they need.

Using a standard web browser, users can access, view, distribute, edit, and share documents from any location, at any time without the need to copy valuable corporate records to multiple mobile computing devices.

Most organisations have a need for their users to be able to work on documents away from the office. It is key this is managed without compromising the policy for document safety and integrity. The CCube Portal offers document sharing/collaboration, including version control, and check-in/check out facilities.

Our portal technology features CCube Web API – a full XML-based web API for integration with third-party systems.